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Health Starts on the Surface: How Sanex Advanced Benefits the Skin

“Skin is the body’s largest organ and also its first line of defense,” explains Cheryl Kozubal, a senior scientist at Colgate-Palmolive. “If we don’t protect our skin, our bodies are more susceptible to infection and disease, so taking care of the skin is tremendously important.”

Cheryl is part of a team of research and development scientists dedicated to Colgate-Palmolive’s Sanex Advanced product line. Colgate-Palmolive launched the line in January 2015, aiming to help people with specific skin needs that cannot be met by general skincare products. Sanex Advanced shower gels, hand creams, body lotions and deodorants are carefully designed to care for skin with particular challenges, such as dryness or atopic skin (skin that can be dry, itchy and sensitive) to help keep skin healthy.

Chemically speaking, Sanex Advanced skin care products are actually more skin-friendly than pure water. Sanex Advanced skin care products maintain a pH balance in the four to five range — the same as skin itself — while water’s pH is about seven. Long-term use of products that disrupt pH balance can hinder the skin’s ability to provide an effective barrier for the body. Dr. Joanna Wu, a senior scientist at Colgate-Palmolive, says, “Maintaining pH balance helps skin function properly, so that the skin’s protective barrier remains effective.”

As with all Colgate-Palmolive lines, the product development process for Sanex Advanced products is collaborative, with scientists from a variety of backgrounds bringing their unique expertise to bear. For example, in order to ensure Sanex Advanced products provide the maximum skin benefits possible, dermatologists advise the research and development team throughout the product development process from start to finish. Before product development begins, dermatologists provide background information on various skin conditions and how different ingredient combinations can address them. Then throughout the development of the products, these dermatologists review product formulas and in some certain cases, like for Sanex Advanced Atopi Derm, facilitate studies with atopic-prone patients.

The result is a unique line of products for skin care rooted in science. “Skin conditions are real issues that impact people’s lives. People should always be comfortable shaking hands or giving someone a hug, without worrying about their skin’s appearance,” Kozubal says. “We’re so proud that our Sanex Advanced line gives many people with skin issues the ability to feel comfortable in their own skin.”